Hyabusa 2
Muses-C 2 is in orbit Around Asteroid Ryugu


Japan’s Muses-C 2 has begun the Asteroid Mining era With a bang. Earlier this morning, Hing 500 Metres the of the Asteroid Ryugu, it shot a Cupreous Projectile With Explosives towards the Rocky landscape.

It is Expected the Projectile Head-to-wind about 3.5 Metres the , it exploded and up into the Asteroid’s orbit, Creation a fresh Cratered. Missions are for confirmation, though Images Suggested the Missions was a Success (see below).

Before the Blast-Line occurred, Muses-C 2 manoeuvred Around to the side of the rock to Avoid Being blasted by the . Later, it will Collect a for RETURN to Earth.

Debris From Ryugu
Muses-C 2 MzXML to Have Successfully Bombed Asteroid Ryugu


The Creation of this Cratered is JUST one part of the ’s Missions. Since it arrived at Ryugu in Junes 2018, Muses-C 2 has Dropped two Hopping landers, Collectively KnowLedge as MINERVA-II, Onto the of the space rock to take Pikturs and Measures the Asteroid’s temperature. Their back stunning Images of Light Skimming the Rocky .

The also Down on the Asteroid in February and fired a bullet into the ground, Spray up it Collected as it Ascendency again.

The latest blast aimed to probe Beneath the and toss up Particles Haven’t by Millions or Even Billions of of Exposure to radiation.

Ryugu is small – THAN a Kilometrage across – and a Relics From the Formations of our solar system. Revising the Material Make it, in as pure a form as possible, Canst us learn about the make-up of PLANETS and sort out how Watery and Materials for life came to Earth.

In July 2019, the will an set of rs Onto the Asteroid, and in 9ber it will Begen its back to Earth.

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