Losing weight without sports and dieting: Get slim without torturing yourself with sports and diets – Twelve easy steps to your dream weight

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    Every second Person in our country suffers from obesity. Additionally, many suffer from numerous secondary diseases. Some also endure getting shut out by society, as well as bad chances for career and relationships. New dietary programs crowd the market. Be that the HCG diet, fast metabolism cure, paleo diet, metabolic balance, adipositas cure, low fat, low carb, Dr. Atkins or Weight Watchers – the offer is gigantic. But many people who work on their obesity investing a lot of time and money will notice shortly after the diet, that they are heavier than they were ever before. Dan Hild, nutritionist and sufferer from obesity for a long time himself, has compiled twelve simple approaches in this book that can help you work on your obesity without having to change much about your lifestyle, and reach your dream weight inspired by your first successes.

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