Morning Break: Carter’s Cancer, Stepping Through the Looking Glass

Former President Jimmy Carter has actually metastatic liver cancer. “Recent liver surgery revealed that I have actually cancer that is now in various other portions of my body,” Carter, 90, said in a statement. “I will certainly be rearranging my book as crucial so I can easily undergo treatment by physicians at Emory Healthcare. A much more finish public statement will certainly be earned as quickly as facts are known, possibly next week.” (The Brand-new York Times)

The FDA scolded one drug firm for Kim Kardashian’s instagram post regarding its morning sickness drug. Kardashian is a paid spokesperson for the company, and the episode highlights FDA’s challenges along with social media and drug advertising.

In case you missed it, ZDoggMD dropped a Brand-new rap music video regarding end of life decisions, which caught the focus of Becker’s Hospital Review. We visited his Las Vegas practice MTV Cribs-style last year.

Can Twitter and Yelp suggestions spot foodborne ailment outbreaks?

Music could help reduce patient pain and stress before, during, and after surgery, reports the BBC.

Myriad Genetics, Inc. said Medicare has actually agreed to pay for Polaris, its test for recognizing aggressive prostate cancer.

Two employees of a Lowell, Mass., nursing estate have actually been charged along with abuse of an elderly or disabled individual for posting “humiliating videos” of patients on social media.

Emily Gibson, MD, writes regarding exactly how docs are stuck in a bizarre game of changing rules adore playing croquet along with flamingos in Alice in the Wonderland.

More Legionnaires, however this time at a GlaxoSmithKline plant.

Making the rounds: have actually scientists discovered “the obesity gene?” File under mouse study.

MSNBC says a Ted Cruz ad attacks fetal tissue research, however actually highlights kids rescued by fetal tissue research. And did Ben Carson, MD, perform research along with fetal tissue? And the New England Diary of Medicine fact-checks the initial Republican debate.

Arkansas acquires lethal injection drugs, preparation to end its 10-year hiatus on executions.

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