My Best Friend Was The Chocolate Cake: How I Overcame Emotional Eating and How You Can Too… Forever

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    Who else would like to Overcome Emotional Eating… Forever?

    Are you sick of being out of control when it comes to food cravings, fed up with overindulging and have had it with your lack of self-control?

    Renae was too and she assures you it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

    My Best Friend was the Chocolate Cake is an honest account of a young woman struggling through her life as an emotional eater.

    Fed up with perpetual diets, followed by repeated binges, Renae set out on a journey to find out why so many human beings lack control over food.

    From her depths of despair, this young woman found the answers she was looking for and in a bid to help other people who suffer with emotional eating issues, shares her findings with you in this book.

    What You Will Find Inside:
    * The Real Reasons Why You Emotionally Eat
    * How to Overcome Emotional Eating Forever
    * Learn Which Unresolved Emotions are Driving Your Emotional Eating and How to Release Them
    * How to Stop The Self-Sabotage by Addressing the Real Reasons Behind Why You Emotionally Eat
    * Discover Your Highest Values and Live a Fulfilling and Abundant Life
    * What is Willpower and Why it Doesn’t Work

    My Best Friend Was The Chocolate Cake, gives you the exact strategies Renae used to Overcome Emotional Eating Forever.

    About the Author, Renae Bressi

    Renae is a Mindset Coach specialising in overcoming emotional eating. She is on a mission to free the world from the guilt, regret and judgement we have around what we eat. Renae is the Founder of Overcome Your Emotional and the creator of a life-changing 12 week online program for busy, independent men and women who are serious about taking control of their eating habits for good, ready to get out of their own way and stop listening to the stories holding them back; people who desperately want to take complete control of their own lives once and for all.

    If you are ready to take back control of your eating habits and your life, once and for all, this is the book is a must.

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