Padma Seat – Best Yoga Seat Strap, Meditation Seat Stool Cushion Belt, Support for Effortless Sitting & Meditation in the Lotus Asana position (White, Medium)

Product Features

  • Helps develop the ART of NATURAL SITTING - balances the body for more comfortable relaxation
  • RELEASE BLOCKED ENERGY - open your energy centers to improve and balance the body's natural systems.
  • IMPROVE SPINAL ALIGNMENT - gives spinal support to develop strength & flexibility.
  • THE BEST MEDITATION SUPPORT - GUARANTEED! create INNER PEACE with meditation anywhere & everywhere.
  • In 5 sizes - fully adjustable to move with you. Handmade from strong ultra- light parachute silk and webbing for a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
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Product Description

Padmaseat is unique waist support belt that enables you to comfortably sit crossed legged for extended period of time by supporting your back in an anatomically favorable position.

Padmaseat creates a “Neutral Tension”, by centering your body’s physical positioning, helping you to avoid muscular fatigue and eliminate discomfort in your lower back. Padmaseat strengthens your posterior core and abdominal muscles and revitalizes your body as you sit peacefully and effortlessly in harmony with your physical bodies desired alignment.

With just one simple adjustment, your Padmaseat becomes the easiest and most effective way to maintain the Seated Lotus and crossed legged positions – no need to be a master yogi!

– how to find out the best Padma Seat size for you:

Step 1: Sit in cross legged position (Lotus Position)

Step 2: Using a measuring tape, measure the size from A to B (from one kneecap, around your back, to the other kneecap) as shown in the picture.

120 to 130cm – 47″ to 51″ – XS – Extra Small
130 to 140cm – 51″ to 55″ – S – Small
140 to 150cm – 55″ to 59″ – M – Medium
150 to 160cm – 59″ to 63″ – L – Large
160 to 170cm – 63″ to 66″ – XL – Extra Large

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