The 10 Most Bizarre Cocktail Names

  • Delicious, hilarious and sometimes blush-worthy, these cocktails and mixed drinks include an added dose of enjoyable (and bewilderment for eavesdropping bar patrons) to your next drink order. You can easily attempt these recipes at home, too.
    Juicy Lucy

    After tasting this drink we’re sure the term ‘Juicy Lucy’ is a compliment. A combination of vodka, gin, Blue Curacao liquor, orange juice, and Sprite this booze-heavy drink will certainly be your next summer favorite.
    Drunken Sailor
    Pirates of the Caribbean take heed! This rum and gin cocktail topped along with ginger ale and lime juice will certainly take your thoughts off of mutiny, storms, and the occasional curse.
    Dances along with Wenches
    Pirates and those that adore them, position on your dancing shoes. This bright pink drink is a combination of Blackbeard’s spiced rum and cranberry juice.
    A Short Journey to Hell
    along with a quick skim of this cocktail’s ingredients, it’s basic to see exactly how it acquired the name ‘A Short Journey to Hell’. Gained along with peach, strawberry, and wild berry Schappps the drink is finished along with a can easily of Red Bull and a shot of Jagermeister. You’ve been warned.
    There are several variations of this tropical drink, yet none are remotely scary (except for the wild combination of liquors) and a lot more regularly the just curse you’ll experience is viewing the bottom of the glass. This version of Voodoo combines mint, mango vodka, and mango nectar.
    Mikey’s Breakfast Banger
    As dangerous (and curious) as this drink sounds it’s a lot more just like a mimosa compared to ‘A Short Journey to Hell.’ This combination of club soda, orange juice, and Amaretto Di Saronno liqueur is the suitable brunch accompaniment.
    The Drunken Elf
    Nil says the holidays a lot more compared to candy canes, relatives, and free-flowing booze. This mixed drink features Bacardi Golden Rum combined along with pink lemonade. A candy cane can easily decorate the glass or hold up a boozed Elf on the Shelf.
    Fearless Redneck
    Adore to be the life of the party? along with a mix of Jim Beam Black Label Bourbon and Sobe No Fear power drink, you won’t be retiring anytime soon.
    Sand in the Crack
    After ‘Sex on the Beach’ you’re the majority of most likely to experience ‘ Sand in the Crack’.   This mix of Malibu Coconut Rum, Leader Morgan Rum, pineapple juice and cranberry juice will certainly make you long for warm weather and deserted beaches.
    Hop, Skip, and Go Naked
    Self-confidence is called for as quickly as ordering this drink. A combination of lemon vodka, grapefruit juice, easy syrup, and beer, this punch-Adore drink will certainly have actually you reminiscing of a time as quickly as ‘Hop, Skip, and Go Naked’ was your motto.
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