The Absolute Last Weight-Loss, Diet, & Exercise Book You will Ever Need To Read: A Doctor’s Easy-to-Read Advice On Scientifically Validated Weight Loss and Exercise Strategies

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    Physicians’ biggest frustration is that the Fitness and Weight-loss Industry’s main function is to SELL empty promises and false hope to the average consumer. The magic words, “Fast, Easy, and Effortless,” often makes otherwise intelligent people act totally stupid. Making matters worse, many of today’s personal trainers and gyms are more focused on gimmicks — things they think you’ll buy — than on sound exercise and weight-loss principles. In the USA, a Registered Dietitian is the gold standard for nutritional expertise. They are essentially “Diet Doctors.” Their consensus is that Weight Loss is, and always will be, an energy equation: Calories-in vs. Calories-out. Any reasonably healthy diet that causes a daily calorie deficit will cause you to lose weight — it’s that simple. People should stop overthinking Carbs, Protein, Fat, and Macro-Nutrient Ratios. Supplement companies and diet-book authors use them to over-complicate eating, to create an unrealistic benefit of each. Just about every TV infomercial promoting weight loss, six-pack abs, or a beautiful body, will ALWAYS have a disclaimer — so tiny you cannot read it — at the bottom of the TV screen: “These Results Are Not Typical,” or, “When Combined with Healthy Eating and Exercise.” The translation is that the product being advertised does not work as advertised. This informative book not only exposes the frauds, it is filled with mostly one-page, easy-to-understand explanations of the things people ask about, or, get wrong most often. Arthur Apolinario, MD, MPH, FAAFP has gone through the research for you to offer the simplest explanations of what you need to do to get healthy.

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