The Feel Good Look Good Be Good Package™ by CHAN. Weight loss from multiple angles: Detox, Appetite Suppressant / Control, Fat and Carb Blocker

Product Features

  • The Feel Good Look Good Be Good PackageTM by CHAN SupplementsTM is a comprehensive 3 step program that tackles weight loss from multiple angles: Detox, Appetite Suppressant / Control, and a Fat and Carb Blocker
  • Feel Good DetoxTM combines the natural properties of Dandelion and Aloe Vera to easily aide in the body's natural detoxing. Dong Quai and Fo-ti have been traditionally used to purify the blood and liver. Both are also used for mild constipation and inflammation.*
  • Look Good SlimTM takes full advantage of Garcinia Cambogia by using 700mg per serving in its recipe. Garcinia Cambogia has been used for its many potential positive properties related to weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia may help suppress appetite, reduce cravings, improve mood, and in some cases may even help block fat.*
  • Be Good TrimTM is formulated for Fat Mass Reduction using the powerful reductive carb and fat assimilation properties of a special blend of Kelp and Grape Seed Extract - ID-alGTM.*
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Product Description

This comprehensive 3 step program tackles weight loss from multiple angles. The weekend Detox kicks the program off on the right healthy foot by detoxifying the organs, flushing out any excess build up in the colon, and rejuvenating the mind and the body in just 3 days. The Look Good Slim uses the powerful appetite suppressing and weight loss inducing Garcinia Cambogia Extract (clinically recommended 60% HCA) with 5-HTP, a positive mood and energy supporting supplement to fight the barriers to weight loss in the mind and body. And finally, Be Good Trim uses the clinically proven carb and fat blocker ID-alG Kelp Extract to fight the fat from a third angle and make those cheat meals feel less cheat-y.

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