Women Obesity Cure: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss for women

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    Obesity remains the major cause of early death and disease. Obese women generally die earlier and have more diseases than their normal weight counterparts. Though obesity may seem difficult to combat, here is the knowledge you must have for sustainable weight loss and future weight maintenance– Dr. Elizabeth White, author, Weight Loss for Obese Women (a motivational approach).

    This book was branded as Women Obesity Cure for the wide recognition it has received as the key to weight loss for every obese woman for a lasting weight loss and weight maintenance – Dr. Larry Page, author.

    Every way you have tried to battle obesity and how to lose weight might just be wrong. Weight gain and obesity are driven by your individual body type and only by understanding the effects of somatotype in body composition can we achieve lasting weight loss.

    In this highly comprehensible and confrontational book, Dr. Larry Page presents an innovative, full-bodied theory of obesity that provides astounding understandings into appropriate nutrition, exercise and a set of lifelong habits that will improve your health and weight loss approach to achieve healthy and sustainable weight for life.

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