Your Last Diet: A Journey To Wellness

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    It’s time to step off the diet treadmill and onto the path of lasting health.

    So often the pursuit of weight loss becomes an endless cycle: Go on a diet, lose some weight, gain it back. Try a new diet, lose some weight, gain it back. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    Lasting health requires shedding the “diet mentality” and embracing a lifestyle of wellness. Your Last Diet provides a roadmap for losing weight, but it doesn’t stop there. Step by step you’ll learn how to maintain a healthy weight and form lifelong habits modeled after communities around the world characterized by long, healthy lives.

    Do you want to lose some weight but have not found success?
    Have you tried diets or weight-loss programs, only to gain the weight back?
    Does your weight bring you physical, emotional, or spiritual pain?
    Would you like to form healthy eating habits and live longer?

    Then join the many women and men who have overcome weight-related health problems by following the recommendations in this book. You will see your health improve and experience reversal of many of the problems associated with being overweight.

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